Tank announcement addon: WakeSpams

WakeSpams is an addon for automated announcements of several abilities, developed for one of our DK tank community members, Wake.

It provides announcements for:
- Cooldowns (both when activated and faded)
- Taunt immune/resists
- Interrupts
- Hysteria whisper

It’s quite lightweight too, and each spell can be individually edited through the in-game options with ease. Fully supports all classes.

I know there are probably other addons that can handle this too, but this one is specifically dedicated to the tasks mentioned above. It’s got all the key Death Knight tank announcements.

Download from wowace here.

Discuss it in our forums here.

How it looks

Now includes in-game config.

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4 comments to Tank announcement addon: WakeSpams

  • radiact

    This really is a nice Add-on. Whas looking for something like this but this one really works how I like it.
    Thanks alot for the find, awesome blog. Improved tanking with my DK alot.

  • Sothra

    I downloaded this the other day, and I love it….. granted it doesn’t do a whole lot of things that you couldn’t already do in one way or another, but I love the way it is set up.  This addon probably replaced 6-8 of my macros alone.

  • Val

    I like the addon, although there are some abilities that arent announced that I would like to see, Rune Tap for example, also the heal it hits would be nice, but anyway, Like the addon, Lets my healers know im in trouble :)

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