Wake tanks with TotalBiscuit

One of our tanks, Wake, has been recorded tanking with TotalBiscuit, and written up the DK tank perspective for us. Let me re-state that: we have both his written opinion, and a masterfully-edited set of videos to watch from the cynical brit.

Heroic mode instances have been released on the beta and I managed to level up another DK in time and quickly get together some form of a tanking gear set. My gear was far below what the heroic instances are actually (supposed to be) tuned for. Below follows a small summary of my experience the last couple of days on the beta…

Bosses and Trash

First and foremost, a lot of this only felt only roughly tuned. It’s the first pass on the heroic dungeons and I expect some to be tuned up and others down. We spent half a day in Stonecore heroic, and cleared Vortex Pinnacle without any real issues, for instance. Secondly, gear is hard to come by and most are really under-geared for heroics at this point…

Read a lot more, and watch the footage, here in the forums.

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