Gold cap 1M

Khaas, who is easily the strongest over-achiever I know (he has legendaries, lots of gold, Insane achievement, etc) points out that the gold cap is going to be raised to 1M.

He hit that cap on the PTR, and has given an update here in our forums (and in his blog).

Think about it: he tested making money on the PTR

These goblins are crazy.

This image is not hacked. He had 1M on the PTR.

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4 comments to Gold cap 1M

  • tebla

    Damn. I mean… Wtf? How…. Damn, that guy is crazy.

  • I get the sense that a lot of people enjoy participating in the beta because it gives them time to play with and understand the new mechanics for their class.  In other words, the beta gives them a leg up on their class when the expansion arrives.  Gold making is no different and, given the huge amount of money people will be spending at the start of the expansion, the advantages of knowledge are probably even greater.

  • outboard

    for someone that has a lot of gold (close to the cap) on an existing character , hitting the cap on PTR is relatively simple , you copy the character to the PTR , send the gold to another character , copy that , do this 5 times with 200K gold and you are at the cap without making 1 gold in PTR , there is no viable way to test gold making abilities on a PTR , because none cares about gold  , people will happily pay 5K a cut for gems , or even a port to Dalaran , if they need more gold they just copy another character.

  • You are both correct and incorrect outboard, there are things that can be tested. Valuable information can be gathered from the PTRs or Beta servers by discerning Goblins. For instance, copying over a character with a full set of glyphs means you know which glyphs are being removed, which ones are being changed, etc. These types of things are quite time consuming, but they pay out when things go live and you have a stockpile (of only) the things you want to have to make money. You are right though about the amounts people are willing to pay, I’ve been selling glyphs for 100g each all day everyday and they just keep selling.

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