DK Tank spec 4.01

Cataclysm DK tanks by now will have settled on a spec or two. In fact, there are more options than I’d have expected. When the new 31-pt trees were announced, I thought we’d have two specs: one for single-target, and one for AOE.

We’ve got a thread discussing the various 4.01 specs, with a hidden gem of analysis within it.

Sconnell has looked at the choices people are making and provided some commentary. He had a google spreadsheet which I’ve asked him to revert to the version that’s not been vandalised.

I also kicked off the EJ DK Tank thread, but have not written an OP yet because it’s only relevant to raiding current ICC content in a 4.01 spec, and if you’re within the normal range of intelligence, you pretty much can’t go wrong.

You’ll likely end up with a raid spec something like this, although I quite like Blood Parasite which that spec doesn’t include, so you could swap points from Abom Might or Epidemic to get the parasites.

Join the conversation to chat with fellow tanks on your spec.

I’m pleased there’s a little bit of variety and some interesting decisions.

Rating conversions

Satorri has worked out the rating conversions, too, which he’s shared here for us. Here’s an extract:

Level 85 Combat Rating Conversions:
128.19 Haste Rating = 1% Melee/Spell Haste
179.13 Crit Rating = 1% Melee/Spell Crit
102.52 Hit Rating = 1% Spell Crit
120.07 Hit Rating = 1% Melee Crit
179.24 Mastery Rating = 1 Mastery Skill
31.43 Expertise Rating = 1 Expertise Skill (0.25% reduced dodge and parry each)
125.72 Expertise Rating = 1% reduced chance to be dodged and 1% chance to be parried

DPS at pwnwear

I’m planning to change the pwnwear forum structure soon to reflect Cataclysm. I’ve created a DPS forum too. I’ll emphasise that a little more, and I’d welcome any DPS DK theorycrafters to join our bubbling community.

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1 comment to DK Tank spec 4.01

  • Tsukiyuri

    102.52 Hit Rating = 1% Spell Crit
    120.07 Hit Rating = 1% Melee Crit
    is a typo
    it should read:
    102.52 Hit Rating = 1% Spell Hit
    120.07 Hit Rating = 1% Melee Hit
    Other than that, great job on the theorycrafting and keeping up with everything so far.
    and Good Luck with the new job search (or job if you landed it)

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