pwnwear forums now assume 4.01

During beta and PTR, we had a separate set of forums for Cataclysm Beta.

I have now folded them into the main forums, and added two new sections at the same time:

  • DPS and PvP specs, plus DPS/PvP gear
  • ‘ideas and wishes’ which is a section for how you want the game to be. Otherwise, pwnwear is dedicated to facts on how the game actually is. Thanks to Feezee for this idea.

Thus the pwnwear forums are presuming 4.01, and hopefully it’ll be released tomorrow.

Anyone who has followed the blog for a while, or knows me, also knows that I’m not a DPSer. So the new section is for the community of smart deeps we have visiting the site.

I’ve announced the change here, and include a diagram to help understanding.

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