DK tank detailed 4.0.1 post from Satorri

Satorri has generously provided us with a massive, detailed and accurate DK Tank guide for 4.0.1.

If you’ve read his ‘book’ for WotLK tanking you’d know of his style, which is to educate and inform so you can make intelligent decisions. That has continued. It’ll help you spec and play. Here’s the introduction:

Welcome to the new world, fellow former servants of the Lich King. When the world split it did a real number on the Death Knight class. While much will appear similar, a lot has changed beneath the surface, so hold on to your knickers, let go of your old ideas about the class, and prepare to see a new Death Knight reality!

As with my previous work I will be breaking down each important sector of relevant material on Death Knight tanking. I will purposefully aim this work at instructing you on the what and the why, and leave room for you to make your own choices on how you want to use that information. I firmly believe this is the only way you will become a skilled player and not a cookie-cutter sheep. There is nothing wrong with making the same choices as other people, so long as you know why you are making those choices!

The sections for this guide are as follows:

  1. Terminology and Acronyms
  2. Experienced DK Primer!
  3. Overview: Death Knight as a Tank
  4. Runes and Runic Power: The Power System
  5. Specs and Glyphs
  6. Priority – How to use your Skills
  7. Advanced Skills and Concepts: Developing your Style
  8. Gear Stats, Reforging, and Enchants/Gems
  9. UI Modification
  10. FAQ

A great contribution to the community.

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