Why tanks are taking more damage, plus a few other points

A few tanks here have been commenting on how much damage they’re taking since 4.0.1. The discussion included some great commentary on each boss, including heroic mode, of ICC. ¬†For example, “maleable goo sucks” and Sindragosa slowing down rune recharging.

Then some analysts worked out that it appears the new Catalclysm maths model for armour mitigation is being used. There’s an official forum thread to draw attention to this. I haven’t verified the assertion, but it appears to be well supported. Most tanks are finding it manageable, with more HP/s from healers. Read more or join the chat here.


Khaas shared a lovely anecdote about how his raid’s top hunter increased his DPS by 2K.

Cat beta heroics

Wake shared some thoughts on crowd control in Beta, plus his ideal 5-man setup.

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