Even stalwarts like Veneretio move on

I wanted to write a short tribute to Veneretio, who has retired from WoW. I’m very behind on my RSS reading, and didn’t realise until now that Vene is leaving blogging and WoW. He’s been writing since May 2007. I’ve been reading his blog for about two years.

A few others have written about their feelings, this piece and Kadomi’s are particularly eloquent. He’s also mentioned by Panzercow and Uncrittable. His own blog has over 160 comments about the end.

I think Vene represented something about the tanking community itself. I wondered why I have an emotional reaction at all to him retiring. Perhaps the reminder that we all, in time, will leave, and even stalwarts like Veneretio can move on. Every expansion, a few names will depart the WoW community, and I didn’t expect one of them to have been him.

That said, Vene, don’t look back. Enjoy your freedom.

I wish you well, and safe sailing towards whichever horizon you set course.

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