Stamina is the Emperor (updated)

Dec 11 update: I think I was premature to make this declaration, whilst stamina is very seductive, I believe you should gem for Mastery (or mastery/stam hybrids). I’ll leave the post as written below, but now that I think now Mastery is the Galactic Overlord.

This new view is outlined in another post.

Sconnell summarised the discussion we have had on stamina, blood shield and avoidance.

  • soft cap hit/expertise for more reliable death strikes and threat generally
  • gemming and enchanting for stamina still king in ICC because of the stamina buff
  • stamina synergises with vengeance, death strike and mastery while avoidance doesn’t which is another reason for preferring stamina over avoidance (although avoidance is good for bone shield)
  • avoidance and mastery appear close, but if you are death striking regularly, mastery edges ahead
  • haste might superficially appear to be good (faster runes) but it looks like it doesn’t compete with mastery or avoidance in terms of what you get for your rating points.

It’s particularly relevant in light of stamina changing to give 14 health, instead of 10, and other balances due to that: rune strike using less attack power (related to vengeance being high with big stamina pools) and rune tap doing less party-healing. Also vengeance only powers up 50% if you avoid.

I really recommend math/theory geeks read the analysis he summarised, and check if anything was awry over the previous few pages of the thread. There is even a chart from Satorri which showed the relationship between mastery and avoidance, and highlighted to me that if you can death strike around 5+ times a minute, then mastery is definitely superior to avoidance.

I don’t yet know where this will all end up, but at the moment I can say for sure:

  • you should runeforge stats into Mastery
  • stamina has been elevated from King to Emperor.

Discuss the impact of stamina/health change over here, too.

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