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I liked Sconnell’s comment, so have reproduced it here for you.

Wow – I love the new Imp BP changes, though 30RP Rune Strike on-demand has taken some getting used to.

I think Blizzard’s done a good job of giving us a “anyone can probably play ok but good players will be able to do better” kind of resource system.
There’s a lot going on for a blood dk now, just in terms of rune/RP use:
- keeping one of each rune refreshing to keep runes cycling
- setting up RE procs by having runes waiting to refresh
- managing RE procs when they do happen
- managing RP so as to not overcap unless necessary, plus keeping RP for Mind Freeze if needed and taking into account [Glyph of Death Strike]
- timing DS to follow big damage effects, giving a bigger heal and bigger blood shield
- timing DS to not clip previous blood shields where appropriate
- keeping blade barrier up
- Blood Tap – with the extra rune refreshment on Imp BP, and RE procs, you can expect to re-use the Death rune multiple times

I really feel like there’s a lot of room to get extra performance (be it survival or threat) out of managing the above well. There’s a nice effect of managing RP to get RE procs, to get runes and more RP. A DK who is managing their resources well will generate more resources, build threat faster, deal more damage heal themselves for more and take less damage.

I’m finding the¬†Blood Shield Tracker addon very helpful. Initially I used it mostly to keep an eye on what healing I could expect to get from DS. Now that Imp DS has bumped up the rune refresh rate, clipping a shield is more of a concern, so I’m using the part which shows if you have a shield more often. Against hard hitting bosses, the shield does seem to get knocked off pretty quickly though.

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