Index to all the DK Tank 4.0.3 info

Tanking in general

Satorri’s discourse on DK Tanking Detailed commentary on DK Tanking which intends to teach you about the mechanics and interactions between talents.
Tanking 101, overall guide Overall guide, covering everything a new tank needs to know, from specs, spells, rotation and threat. Start here.
Simple questions and answers If you have a short question which doesn’t deserve its own thread, this is the place to ask it.
DK Tank Spec If you just want a Blood tank spec recommendation, here it is.
Old players, but new to Blood If you’re coming back and adjusting to Blood’s new 4.x style, this discussion will help you orient.
Racials for tanks You can’t really minmax on racials anymore. Night Elves are the exception, whilst Taurens and Goblins look awesome.


Best PvE spec For levelling on a PvE server, choose Frost 2H.
Best PvP spec If you’re levelling on a PvP server, you’d want Chilblains.
Which starting zone? It looks like Vash’jir might be less populated.

Tanking skills and playstyle

Priority Formerly we had a rotation. Now it’s priority, and it’s complex. This is the theory discussion.
Diseaseless Blood You’ll still use Outbreak, but if you don’t have diseases some talents are less valuable.
Glyphs List of the glyphs with commentary.
Keybinding Using keybinds is really important. Do not turn with your keys, though. Bind all your key actions to the keyboard, don’t click.
Gaming hardware Including the Logitech G13, Razer Naga and other hardware.

Gear, gems, enchants, reforging and stamina

Effective health This is our theory thread on EH, mastery, avoidance and how to make decisions and formulas about gearing. Key thread.
Gear list Complete list of DK Tank gear, so you can plan.
Gems The thread about gem choices.
Reforging About the choices we have.
Starter tank gear Starting DK Tank gear list.
Professions Which to choose?

Talent and spell analysis

Detailed Mechanics On Death Strike and Blood Shield. Includes their formulas.
Death Strike Discussing the attack.
Dancing Rune Weapon Our combination threat and survival move.
Vengeance Our thoughts on the Tank’s threat-generating mechanic.
Bone Shield I like how it makes you run fast, but it’s a helpful tanking cooldown too.
Blood Parasites How do they work? What’s the formula?
Blood tap When and how to use it.


Raid buffs and tank debuffs About the new overlapping and simplified raid buffs and debuffs.
Flexible raid lock system How it works

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