Blood shield tracker and rune addons

Below is a user review of the blood shield tracker addon, which I also recommend.

After running a whole day of 5 mans without this add-on I noticed that my blood shield up time was less then favorable so I came here and downloaded it. After much of todays runs myself and my healer also noticed that I took way less damage which was a direct effect of have my blood shield up. Thanks to your add-on I was able to keep my blood shield at a much more effective rate. Thank you for this add-on and keep up the great work!!!

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3 comments to Blood shield tracker and rune addons

  • Tusam
    Twitter: tusamdk

    As the original poster, I love this addon and it has allowed me to optimize my blood shield uptime. I wrote a small review here

  • Ðoing

    Tanked Blackrock Caverns yesterday and noticed some weird things.
    a) Though I really got a lot of incoming Dmg tanking all groups without CC, blood-shield-tracker did rarely show more than 9823 for the next shield at 147k HP. Seems a bit low even without any incoming Dmg.
    b) The values for estimated and applied shield jumped to 25k after the Evolved Twilight Zealot´s Shadow Strike even though the spell was kicked and I didn´t get any Dmg. This happened at every Shadow Strike.

    At such low values and with so many Deathrunes ap all the time, wouldn´t it make sense to use DS more often than once every 5 seconds or as soon as the shield is down? If I reapply the shield after just 2 seconds, will it benefit from the damage I got the three seconds before? Or is this amount “used up” by the last shield?
    If it´s always the full Dmg from the last 5 seconds, it might be a good choice to DS as soon as it´s up as long as there isn´t an extremely fat shield active.

  • gloom

    The Evolved Twilight Zealot’s thing isn’t a bug, right after he shadowstrikes he does another very heavy hit (he whirls his blades), it’s that hit that your tracker is reacting to. The combo of that plus an uninterrupted Shadowstrike will put you in dire straits.

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