Tips on stonecore trash

Post from Malifik on the Stonecore instance:

Trash in Stonecore is all about little gimmicks each mob does.

  • The few stone giants after the first boss (forget their name) cast an ability called Quake that does damage to everyone still standing on the ground at the end of the cast. Just jump about 3/4 into the cast and you won’t take damage. They also spawn crystal shards that when killed, will give you a debuff increasing damage taken (along with dealing damage). However, if killed while they’re still spawning in the red beam, deal no damage and give no debuff (die in almost a single rune strike in tank spec).
  • The ravagers all have a Flay ability that does a ton of frontal damage, but that roots them in place; just run behind them and you won’t take any damage.
  • The Berserkers do a whirlwind that roots them in place, just run out.
  • The Earthshapers all have a long cast that transforms them into an Earth Warden that will do massive aoe damage to the group, just interrupt them.

That’s just to name a few, and excluding bosses. Stonecore is prob one of the easiest instances to go through once you get the hang of the trash and boss mechanics.

From this thread.

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