Cataclysm gear for DK tanks

Kuren has updated his gear list for DK tanks. It’s an iLevel-sorted list, separated by slot, which lets you easily look for possible upgrades.

Because we’re at the first tier of raiding content, this gear list also includes items of blue and green quality. The list is continually updated.

The full list is over here.

Example for the head slot:

[item 65186]Magma Plated Faceguard[/item] – T11 – [item 65002]Crown of the Forlorn Vanquisher[/item]
[item 60351]Magma Plated Faceguard[/item] – T11 – [item 63682]Helm of the Forlorn Vanquisher[/item]
[item 62428]Crown of Wings[/item] – Wildhammer Clan – Revered
[item 62410]Grinning Fang Helm[/item] – Dragonmaw Clan – Revered
[item 56358]Headcover of Fog[/item] – Grand Vizier Ertan, Vortex Pinnacle (5H)
[item 57873]Helm of Setesh[/item] – Setesh, Halls of Origination (5H)
[item 58103]Helm of the Proud[/item] – 2200 JP
[item 57861]Helm of Setesh[/item] – Setesh, Halls of Origination (5)
[item 63773]Gatekeeper’s Helm[/item] – Precious Goods, Twilight Highlands
[item 63770]Helm of Durable Hatred[/item] – Precious Goods, Twilight Highlands
[item 55831]Headcover of Fog[/item] – Grand Vizier Ertan, Vortex Pinnacle (5)
[item 65848]False-Face Mask[/item] – The Great Escape, Uldum
[item 65828]Great General’s Crown[/item] – Salhet the Tactician, Uldum
[item 55023]Hardened Obsidium Helm[/item] – Blacksmithing

Links to the list for other slots:

See the full thread here.

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