Patch 4.0.6 for DK Tanks

Join us in discussing the upcoming changes over here in the forums.

Notable changes and questions they raise:

  • death strike self-heal got nerfed, does this change the value of mastery -vs- avoidance? Formerly they were about equal, and we were inconclusive on which is better
  • IBF can now¬†break a stun, which could be useful from time to time
  • Crimson Scourge (a crap talent, which I do not ever use) has been changed so it’s probabalistic now. Sconnell did some maths on it. I believe it works on melee auto-attack and special strikes, he layed out the table of probability. Consequently, it will now works thus: put plague strike on target, and whilst they’re diseased there’s a chance you’ll get a free blood boil. But is that any good?
  • Heart strike and rune strike do more damage (not like we needed that)
  • the glyph to reduce the cost of self-heal death coil has been changed, will only help you to heal your ghoul; whilst that greatly effects the Lichborne-tank self-healing style most of us are using, there still is no better alternative spec. Whilst it is nerfed, it still remains a tank cooldown for survival.

Racials, discussed over here.

  • Dwarf racial is now awesome for tanking: flat 10% damage reduction every 2 minutes. I’d seriously consider switching to Dwarf if I was Alliance. Plus Dwarves look awesome.
  • Draenei racial: 20% over 15s makes it a solid contribution to tanking during a period of sustained damage.
  • Sadly Tauren’s useless tanking racials weren’t changed (unless you’re a Druid, since they can now interrupt with it).
  • Otherwise, no good upgrades for Horde DK tank racials, all on the Alliance side who are now spoiled for choice.

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6 comments to Patch 4.0.6 for DK Tanks

  • V.

    Honestly, I’d say it’s much too early to say that Death Strike has been nerfed. It isn’t on the PTR and the only source is datamined information on a few MMO fansites. They aren’t clear whether it’s just a previous patch build or a tooltip fix, since most of the other changes were tooltip fixes as well. Currently the only notable changes are the Deathcoil glyph nerf, the WotN change and the Crimson Scourge change. and IBF buff.

  • Dontdieplez

    Hi. im a blood dk tank on bloodscalp. I was looking around and some of the best blood dk tanks in full raid gear have like 1 percent hit and not even going for max expertise I followed suite and I have to say it is far better then going hit or expertise softcap DRW glyph is the way to go since you will lack a little threat from having low hit and expertise far better then bone shield glyph. Right now i have 19 mastery so im at around 119 percent depending on boss fights im healing myself for way to much DS needs to be nerfed it is so OP right now even if it is nerfed it will still be OP. Mastery is the way to go im aiming for 150 percent shield absorbs are far superior to avoidance. Lets say my deathstrike heals me for 30k, ill be absorbing 45k damage thats basicly dodging or parrying an attack from a boss and you dont have to rely on RNG. Im currently tanking 25 man content we are 9/12 25 man and 10/12 in 10 man. What do you think?

  • The IBF change sounds like it might be useful for Halfus Wyrmbreaker, for example.

  • Kirael

    i believe halfus roar is considered a knockdown not a stun so wouldnt be affected by IBF

  • Khasim

    @Kirael – actually, I was able to resist the stun when I used IBF before he finished casting it. Therefore, it will most likely be breakable by IBF.

  • Kirael

    good to know someone tested it i mainly dps so i generally try to save my IBF for stuff that will kill me (i.e. eating a quake on AC if i have lightning rod) or when i have to grab agro if our tanks die somehow

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