Consumables for tanks

With thanks to Sconnell and Scripts, here are the key consumables for use as a tank. I include recommendations on the best tank food, best tank flasks and elixirs. Originally posted in this forum thread.



[Flask of Steelskin] seems to be the initially obvious choice, and you get the same effect from guild cauldrons. However, there are some downsides:

  • it’s stamina, which isn’t necessarily the most desirable stat for tanks
  • the flask is underbudget compared to the other flasks – they all give 300 of a stat, but normally on items you get more stamina
  • it’s very expensive when compared to elixirs, so economically the elixirs are probably better for now.

[Flask of the Winds] [Flask of Titanic Strength] are possibilities for the dodge/parry if you want to flask but really don’t want stamina for some reason.

Battle Elixir

[Elixir of Impossible Accuracy] or [Elixir of the Naga]
[Elixir of the Master] provides quite a bit of mastery, my recommendation.

Guardian Elixir

[Elixir of Deep Earth] seems to be the main option,

but due to costs, [item]63306[/item] is likely to be better value for money. I’d recommend the latter.

[Prismatic Elixir] might be useful in some specific situations.


[Earthen Potion] remember to drink one of these before you’re in combat, so that you can drink another one mid-fight without the preventative debuff. Recommended for raids.

Tank Food

[Fortune Cookie] – Provides Dodge for all Tanks. Feasts are the same way. My recommendation, because you also get a chance to win something valuable for the AH, and dodge is a very good stat. Can also sometimes provide dodge for mages, which is pretty funny.

[Blackbelly Sushi] – Parry
[Crocolisk Au Gratin] – Expertise
[Grilled Dragon] – Hit
[Lavascale Minestrone] – Mastery
[Mushroom Sauce Mudfish] – Dodge

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3 comments to Consumables for tanks

  • Vijay

    Thanks for heads up on the elixirs, don’t know how I missed that… have been raiding with Steelskin until now. Also been coasting on my engineering glove tinker instead of forking out the cash for armour pots just yet. I’ll have to try the elixir combination next week — I tested out dropping 8k health last night by swapping out Leaden Despair for Porcelain Crab and the healers didn’t seem to mind. Maybe they won’t notice another 5k health missing?

  • This post got linked to recently by WoW Insider for their ‘The Daily Quest’ regular:

  • Yemx

    -Lavascale minestrone = best food choice
    -Master and prismatic elixer is great for magical damage fights rather than the steelskin flask [choose alchemy profession as a tank for a major bonus]
    -Steelsking gives 450 not 300 was a tooltip error

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