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Deph posted up some detail on his very polished and specialised UI. Below is his full article.

My UI is currently what I would call “okay” enough to post, it’s never finished, and there’s ALWAYS something I don’t like about it (like right now I need to make different profiles so I can move my buttons down on my DK, don’t like them that high even though I can see through them perfectly fine)

In Combat

Out of Combat with a target (targeting myself) -- With no target out of combat, nothing shows at all (unless I hold a modifier key, which would show this, minus the target of course.)

I don’t make UI posts very often because they require a lot of explanation. — My UIs are over specialized (to my tastes)

These screenshots crop the edge off of my 1920×1080 resolution because all I’m removing that would be seen in a screenshot are chat (using the large chat font from EVE) the minimap, a second bar for my Naga (with icons, desaturated like my spell arrangement screenshot) — and my buffs (skinned using the same skin as my bars, but without being desaturated)

Recount, RBS, Docking Station (LDB display), and other addons generally either only show on mouseover, or under certain conditions (RBS is in raid, out of combat) via Kong Which is an addon junkie minimalist’s dream.

The 7 wide by 3 high bar is for my G13. — 2 buttons are missing from it that are on my G13, those are on the “naga” bar. — The bar is my primary information display, I dislike addons that move information around, I like to see my cooldown information in the same place every time. — I’m using a custom macro icon texture to get the white border effect to show me Out of Range, Out of Mana/Unusable states. — Inline Aura shows durations and highlights buttons with that “target” effect, and Weak Auras and Power Auras still light up a few buttons for me from when I was moving buttons around recently, show me when things are getting low, and a few other details.

A "fake" version of my bars to show you how my buttons are arranged on the G13

The red “digital” text shows Scarlet Fever has less than 10 seconds left (the only debuff I had up on these low level mobs I took the screeny with) — the red borders are abilities out of range. You can guess which ones are cooldowns (the latest OmniCCs grouping options make me wet)

Not shown on this are my disease timers, as I’m remaking them. currently making custom textures for Weak Auras, can’t get them a way I like yet.

My “rune bar” is:

  • Health Bar: Transparent until I take damage, damage shows red.
  • Frost
  • Frost
  • Unholy
  • Unholy
  • Blood
  • Blood
  • Threat, via a modified Threat Indicator
  • Runic Power, like the health bar, but transparent until I have runic power. — This needs to be modified a bit to make each rune strike more obvious (one pixel gap between each, with rune strikes lit up more than the “progress” of the next rune strike), that’s next on my “to-do” list. Weak auras will provide that functionality as well. – Was previously using a custom status bar texture for my Pitbull unit frames’ hud style vertical player frame, with power auras overlays for highlights… >_>

Addons shown in this screenshot:

  • Bartender 4, modified a tiny bit to desaturate my buttons.
  • Magic Runes (I was using Engraved with custom textures, but it had a couple bugs)
  • Weak Auras
  • Power Auras (yes using both, they can do different things)
  • oUF_Hank modified graphically.
  • Tidy Plates with Neon theme. Just recently reverted my modified tidy plates and started modifying it again, want to change the scale I was using to scale them down a bit, easier to start over.
  • Gnosis for my enemy cast bars
  • Inline Aura is an amazing addon
  • OmniCC
  • Digits is showing the teal “100″ which is my runic power, shown on my Rune Strike button.
  • Threat Indicator isn’t visible, but WOULD be, in this screenshot there’s just an empty space for it O_o
  • Range Display
  • Button Facade, a custom skin which is also glowifying (blendmode: add) my buttons. Made using ThinBlack, Nefs, and Loot as reference and inspiration, and for the “target” overlay effect, which was included with one of them, but not used by it.
  • Custom Graphics for the borders and scanlines effects.
  • Fonts are microN55, Metroid Prime Hunters, and SF Square Root. oUF_Hank’s health % is using KoukakuE

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7 comments to Deph’s tank UI

  • reg0ner

    You gonna share this package or just leave everyone in the dirt. Share share share. I’d probably change up a couple things anyway, but I’d like to use this as a base.
    SHARE! ;p

    • Packaging it would be a pain as it’s not very configurable at all the way I have it set up.
      I may upload the oUF_Hank modification once I’m done with it (some graphics aren’t finished) — and assuming Hank is cool with that.
      And I intend to upload the Button Facade skin sometime soon. — I have to clean up the directory and naming scheme first. — I will include the macro texture with it. — Using the skin with it’s default borders, rather than my custom textures, is not exactly pixel perfect, but is really close and preserves the feel.
      But otherwise it’s an inflexible and janky cobbling together of stuff, including power auras and weak auras, which are positioned annoyingly precise >_>

  • justaway

    I sure love the idea behind the UI, and quiet interesting the way you made it.
    Lovely UI ; ).

  • Would love to use this UI, looking forward to the upload ^_^

  • Baldr

    Hi , would be nice to have a .wtf file or something to help out in configuring the addons, thanks  ;)

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