DK tank, the last man standing

I enjoyed this discussion that Kaiyoko started, including a comprehensive list to answer his question.

I always thought “hey, I am hero class, can I solo this?”

As much as I love running heroics with my friends, sometimes I gotta brave the random LFD system. Sometimes I get great groups, sometimes I get ok groups, and on a rare day I get horrible groups. Or rather, great group, bad set of circumstances, “I’m the last man standing…uh…should I solo this boss?”

During my time in learning the heroic with my friends, there will be cases where “healer’s OOM or dead” or “last man standing!’ but they can run back.

So I have to decide:

• Solo the boss while my friends run back in, or solo til I win/fail.

• or, just die and try again; we probably screwed up a mechanic.

Read the thread and see which bosses you can finish off by yourself.

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4 comments to DK tank, the last man standing

  • Mortalcoil

    i had this happen to me once on ozruk, i ended up being the last man standing and i think i ended up killing him solo coz everytime they tried running in they got pawned by paralyze on their way in

  • Louthegun

    I typically just solo it while they run back unless the boss has a mechanic that hurts people coming back. Hell I soloed the las 2% of normal Atamedes the other day just because I could and people were playing like crap

  • DevilsDad

    I soloed over 1M hp as DK tank on cookie. furtunetly they didnt give me time to chage to dps specc and gear.

  • Hugoboss

    Happens every now and then; some bosses are easier than others (lolWalden, for instance; I once downed 69% of his health pool on my own because people fail-died to green shower thing).

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