DK tank spec for 4.0.6

I’ve started a discussion on the spec choices for 4.0.6. There are a few important changes to our play:

  • such as scarlet fever (ie. damage debuff) coming from blood fever (ie. plague strike or outbreak),
  • the Blood shield bubble stacking (maybe, PTR has been buggy) and
  • to-hit coming baseline rather than from a stupid talent (so therefore you can be more confidently on interrupt duty in 10-mans without a whacky spec)
  • Lichborne self-heal via death coil costing more because of the glyph change, and maybe some other coefficient changes I think (I didn’t research that last bit fully) so its less effective.

But sadly those changes don’t really shift the balance of our specs in any wildly ┬ánew interesting ways. The three specs I outline are fairly predictable: Lichborne as-is, interrupt-duty or desecration (slowing).

Read other people’s opinions over here.

In other news, this week I’m travelling with work so the EJ OP will not be updated til the weekend.

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