Blood Shield Tracker addon v0.7

The must-have tanking addon Blood Shield Tracker has been updated.

Kuren, a mod at pwnwear and co-author, writes:

I pushed out version 0.7 today. I thought I’d mention it here because the stats shown in the LDB/minimap tooltip are changed. You now have total and last fight statistics. I’m hoping this adds some usefulness for DK tanks wanting to review their performance in between fights. You can clear the session stats at any time too by holding shift and left clicking it.

I also added in a last fight duration and number of Blood Shields. This should help you to see the rate of successful Death Strikes. Combat start and end is measured from the second you start combat though. In any situation where you are pulling it is probably close enough.

There is also the Absorbs/Total Shields/Percent data. Absorbs is how much is actually absorbed and used. Total Shields is the total Blood Shields and the maximum amount you could absorb. The percent would be the two divided so that you see how much was actually used.

So far I’ve limited the tracking to session and last fight. I’m not sure if it makes sense to expand it into something closer to Recount/Skada but for DK statistics. Then you have to worry about increasing the memory footprint.

Download the addon over here or join discussion about it at pwnwear forums.

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