Endless Winter, Epidemic and Scent of Blood

Sconnell is continuing to deliver great analysis. Here’s a helpful post from him in our 4.0.6 spec thread:

Recently I looked at how a third point in Scent of Blood will generate more RP/minute than 1 point in Crimson Scourge. Assuming 18 auto-attacks a minute, and that a boss attacks 2 times between player auto-attacks, a 3rd point in Scent of Blood generates extra 26 RP/minute and a point in Crimson Scourge somewhere in the 20-25 range. The 2nd point in SoB gives 36 extra RP/minute (and 43/minute if 3 boss attacks between player auto-attacks.)

I thought it would also be worth comparing these talents and Endless Winter to a 3rd point in Epidemic.

Each point in Endless Winter saves you 10 RP per Mind Freeze, so how much RP you get depends on how often you mind freeze:

Mind Freeze frequency (seconds) per minute RP / minute / point
10 6 60
15 4 40
20 3 30

If you are regularly having to interrupt on a fight then Mind Freezes will probably be needed every 10-15 seconds. This means that each point in Endless Winter generates a substantial amount of RP, enough to be competitive with the second point in Scent of Blood, and certainly more valuable than the third.

2/2 Mind Freeze also gets you the peace mind of not having to worry about managing RP for interrupts. This is a bit intangible so I’m not going to try and put a value on it. I’ve been playing with 1/2 Endless Winter a bit, and it seems to be a lot harder to be caught without 10 RP than it is to be caught without 20. This is probably because we have a lot of abilities that generate RP in increments of 10.

Earlier I looked at the value of extra points in Epidemic. To recap, 1 point in Epidemic gets you 0.3 extra runes per minute, the next point gets you a further 0.6 runes per minute and the third point gets you a further 0.12. These numbers are essentially doubled if you need to apply frost fever as well as blood plague:

Points in Epidemic Extra runes per minute (1 diseases) Extra runes per minute (2 diseases)
1 0.3 0.6
2 0.6 1.2
3 0.12 0.24

There’s no obvious way to compare RP/minute talents like SoB and Endless Winter with the runes per minute which points in Epidemic save you, especially considering RE process can be blood runes. If 30 RP is worth 45% of an RE proc, then on average you spend 67 RP per proc. So, if we value a rune at 67 RP, this gives us a kind of a way to compare Epidemic to RP-generation talents:

extra RP/minute per talent point
1/3 Epidemic 20 (1 disease) – 40 (2 diseases)
2/3 Epidemic 40 (1 disease) – 80 (2)
3/3 Epidemic 8 (1 disease) / 16 (2)
1/3 SoB 50 (2 boss attacks between player auto-attacks) – 69 (3 per)
2/3 SoB 36 (2 per) – 43 (3 per)
3/3 SoB 26 (2-3 per)
1 point in Endless Winter 40 (MF every 15 seconds) – 60 (MF every 10 seconds)
1 point in Crimson Scourge 20 (40 attacks/minute that can proc) – 25 (50 attacks/minute that can proc

This suggests to me that:

  • 2/3 SoB and 2/3 Epidemic provide substantial benefits, so should be standard. This isn’t news as cookie-cutter specs have 2 points in both these talents.

After that:

  • If you have to interrupt, points in Endless Winter provide the biggest benefit, but this does mean you have 2 talent points which do nothing for you in non-interrupt fights. However, after you’ve already taken 2/3 in SoB and Epidemic, none of the remaining options for talent points provide a great deal of RP.
  • If you don’t have to interrupt then 3/3 SoB provides the most RP/minute. You then probably need to choose between 1 point in Crimson Scourge and 3/3 Epidemic. Crimson Scourge generates more RP but Epidemic gives a bit more leeway to apply diseases.
Read the whole thread in our forums.

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2 comments to Endless Winter, Epidemic and Scent of Blood

  • I’ve been playing with 2/2 endless winter for a while, and I love it. Not having to worry about RP when interrupting is a beautiful thing, and lets me use my rp for RS spams and other more interesting things than interrupting.

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