DK tank wishes for 4.1

DK tanks are a pretty happy bunch. We do have a tanking system that requires some skill in order to maximise survivability (due to [spell]77513[/spell] for example) and which requires we’re hitting someone to activate (rather than just being hit like a block-tank). But we’re not broken, and it’s a fun, complicated class to tank with.

In 4.1, if we are going to tweak and fine-tune classes there are some DK changes we’d like, and are being discussed over here.

The thing I’d like most is this:

In Blood presence only, allow the blood shield element of a Death Strike to work even if we have not hit the target or are not in melee range of a target.

That’d let you protect yourself with a blood shield barrier, still using the FU runes, when tanking adds on Maloriak without having to run into melee range.

Other popular requests are:

  • changing [spell]dancing rune weapon[/spell] to be cheaper or to have more character,
  • change [spell]blood-caked blade[/spell] so DPS can reach it or change it to a tank-oriented threat or survival talent.
  • make threat matter
  • change blood DK’s death rune system; they’re still implement in the fashion intended for blood DPS where spamming several heart strikes was the way to go. Frost’s death rune system got tweaked, so that’s an indication of possibility for Blood too.

Join the discussion over in this thread.

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