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I recently spent some time looking at my UI, noticing little things out of place and fine-tuning it. I like to minimise clutter and messages, so I can focus on tanking. I centralise the important information, and fade-out the ancillary.


Whilst doing this I realised, I don’t need to see half of my action bar anymore, and could hide it. The abilities like heart strike and rune strike and so on. I could hide them all, and would only need to see the tanking cooldowns since I need to see their timers. The keybindings to my Logitech G13 (review) are all in muscle memory now. I look at my rune bar to know which attacks to use.

In the screenshot, you can see that my next move should be a death strike followed by rune strike, and maybe moving away from the neighbouring melee who’e electrocuting me. You can see the blood barrier has 8.8K health remaining, thanks to Blood Shield Tracker addon.

I have my target’s health bar vertically below my own, with target of target tucked beneath that. I have my focus-target above my player frame, with their target in turn above that. I show my focus’ debuffs since it’s usually my co-tank. I have numbers shown for mana and % for health, as boss phases are linked to them.

I heavily filter my player buffs and my target debuffs to only show important ones.

I’m pretty happy with my UI overall.

Addons I use include:

  • Shadowed Unit Frames
  • Doc Debug Runes (I must remember to disable its disease tracker, don’t need that really)
  • Blood Shield Tracker
  • Dominos
  • Mik Scrolling Battle text (I disable a lot of the events it would show, to reduce spam)
  • Deadly Boss Mods (I usually disable most of the warnings for bosses, so only those which matter are in my face)
  • Death Note (for post mortem after each wipe) and LoggerHead (automatically turns on combat log)
  • Threat Plates for Tidy Plates.

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5 comments to My tank UI

    As a recent returner to the game, i have been getting my own DK into shape to step back into the tanking scene and also getting my ui together and looking out for any new addons that are being used or that i should pick up to help with tanking.
    A few comments about your ui in general,
    how do you track your runes and rp? Is it those buttons beside your name frame? If so then i would say that while it might make perfect sence to you after you get used to playing with it, looking from the outside it looks messy and not aesthetically pleasing to the casual glance, i assume that there are alternative options to make it look a bit better without detracting from functionality.
    personally i prefer to have my targets frame sitting just above my action bars where its near the middle of my ui but does not impede my vision of the sides. Also makes it easier i find to moniter mobs cast bars for interupts and other actions that need to be taken.
    I also do quite a bit of raid leading so at times i need to be able to moniter players debuffs that they have so need to use larger and clearer raid frames, but if your not in a similliar role i would recomend pushing them raid frames right to the side of the screen. Similiar for own unit frame, If you want to moniter your hp’s its easier to just flick an eye to the side of the screen or moniter the target of target of what your tanking. Again it just makes more free screen room in the centre of the screen.
    Also similiar for your action bars, no need to have them so high up, drag them more down to free up more screen.
    Where are your MT windows?
    Why do you have combat text shown, you cant read raid chat, i either assume that everyone has working mics 100% of the time, or else how do you read raid chat if someone is having an issue you need to react too?
    Also your setup does not allow you to track more debuffs on the boss, i know its more a raid leading role but it can be necessary to be able to instantly check if a certain debuff is applied to a boss at certain times, not being able to moniter this can be impeding at times.
    Those are just my own first impressions and opinions, what works for me does not always work for others, and once you get used to a particular set up it can be very hard to change from it, even if the alternative is more efficient.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Good point about my action bar. I could move that way down the bottom now. I used to look at it, but don’t anymore.

      Yes, the rune and RP bar is the box alongside my player frame. They’re not all fancy-looking, that’s for sure, but very functional. I wanted them right in my face, since that’s what I look at continually.

      I don’t raid lead anymore, so you’re right that my UI would be poor if I had to care about all debuffs or healer’s mana. I had the luxury of not worrying about that at all.

      I had combat text instead of raid chat displayed just for the screenshot.

      I don’t use “MT windows” in a 10-man, there’s only one other tank, so he’s my focus target. The box above my player frame.

  • Xardolan

    Looks neat.
    Haven’t heard of DeathNote so far but it looks promising for my current raid situation. I’m sometimes wondering till the aftermath WoL study how the hell I or members of the raid exactly died. So thanks for mentioning it.

  • Alex Borman

    Like your UI. Maybe you could share your settings by posting it on Wowinterface? would be great.

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