Rawr, DK tank updated

Update from Shazear: This latest release shifts TankDK status from “Mostly” supported to “Fully” supported. As you can see there are quite a few changes in this release. Please take a look, and let me know what you think. It was a significant effort with a metric ton of help from fellow Rawr Team dev: Jothay. I extend a huge thanks to all his work over the weekend and Friday.

Rawr 4.1.2:
- Fine Tuning base stats. More to do here.
- Implement Runic Empowerment.
- Fix Rotation report.
- Fix white swing hit chance to properly use WhiteHit rather than Yellow Hit.
- Cleanup VampiricBlood implmentation
- Add Rotation list null checks.
- Fix OnUse Trigger evaluation.
- Total refactor of the evalutation logic flow to provide more complete burst value.
- Implement Death Pact.
- Update Trigger handling in special effects for tanking related triggers.
- Parry Haste Completely removed from Rawr, including Parry Haste not generated by the Boss Handler
- Cleanup of the options tab.
- Revamped Options Pane for ease of use
- Tweaking some of the output values via code review.
- Updated the order, naming and colors of the SubPoints
- Changed the Threat Slider to a combobox selector as seen in Bear
- Fixed a bug with SetDefaults
- Rawr.Base: Fixed several stats that should have been in the InverseMultiplicative list. Had to adjust it’s usage across Rawr in all models.
- Updated Values for several DK Abilities
- Fixed Threat Multiplier
- Fixed some other minor bugs
- Changed how the Scores are reported to the user, now use the same scaling system that Bear does + Burst

Read more in our official thread, with Developer Shazear.

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2 comments to Rawr, DK tank updated

  • TyphoonAndrew
    Twitter: typhoonandrew

    Excellent – looking at the stat tuning, what remains to be implemented?

  • Shazear
    Twitter: Shazear

    There’s some fine-tuning of the stats math.  Stats for the naked tune is correct, but there’ve been some skewed numbers for a fully equipped toon.  The deviation is maxing at about 5% off depending on the exact calc.  One example, at the beginning of Cata I was seeing in-game numbers showing Blood Presence buffing Health by about 10% (even when the Tooltip was saying 8%), but now it’s closer to an 8.125% buff.

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