Why I love my Kindle

I bought an Amazon Kindle in January. Here’s why I think they’re awesome. Since January, I’ve read 17 books on the Kindle; it has been a long time since I have read this many books per month.

Why? I’m reading more because of the Kindle’s accessibility.

Last Argument Of Kings: The First Law: Book Three Abercrombie, Joe still to read
Before They Are Hanged Abercrombie, Joe still to read
Chronicles of the Black Company Cook, Glen March 14, 2011
The Wise Man’s Fear Rothfuss, Patrick March 7, 2011
Hero of Rome Jackson, Douglas February 26, 2011
God is Not Great Hitchens, Christopher March 28, 2011
The Blade Itself: The First Law: Book One Abercrombie, Joe February 22, 2011
The Name Of The Wind: The Kingkiller Chonicle: Book 1 Rothfuss, Patrick February 22, 2011
Gardens Of The Moon Erikson, Steven February 17, 2011
Clash of Kings, A Martin, George R. R. February 4, 2011
Game of Thrones, A Martin, George R. R. January 30, 2011
The Complaints Rankin, Ian January 28, 2011
Exit Music Rankin, Ian January 25, 2011
Shining Ones, The Eddings, David January 13, 2011
Domes of Fire Eddings, David January 13, 2011
Sapphire Rose, The Eddings, David January 11, 2011
A Question of Blood Rankin, Ian January 9, 2011
Ruby Knight, The Eddings, David January 9, 2011

Display: the Kindle’s screen, if you have not seen it, is remarkable and a key selling feature in its own right. Unlike the iPad which uses a backlit LCD screen, the Kindle is dull and reflective like a real paper book. Thus, you can read at the beach or in bright light. At night, I read with a little torch built into the protective case I bought.

The Kindle e-ink display is very high resolution and a delight to read from.

Form factor: if it were made of paper, you can have trouble reading a very thick book with one hand, turning its pages and keeping your place. At the gym, for example, it’s awkward to keep the book open at your current page. This is not a problem for the Kindle, obviously.

Reading your own documents: this is lesser known. You can email your own Kindle any pdf or word document, and have it converted for free into the native Kindle format. Once native, features like varying its font size will work. PDFs are viewable unconverted, too, with their graphics shown as intended, but note this is not as enjoyable as on an iPad since you have no pinch-zoom.

However, for reading my University text book, which I convert, it’s superb. It has no graphics, it’s just text, and it is much more practical to carry the Kindle around than my very massive Uni text.

You can highlight sections of a text, and then later review those highlights through a single convenient view. I found this helpful.

Caveats: in Australia, and some other countries, the books you can buy from amazon’s store are a subset of those available in the USA or UK. You can try pretending you are based in those countries (they do not check your credit card address to verify) but they do check your GPS and only allow about six purchases while out of your nominated country. This is a bit annoying. That said, though, the range of available books is still quite massive.

Reading on many devices: you can read the same books on iPhone, Android, Mac and Kindle. You save which page you are up to on your Kindle by going to its ‘home’ page, which sends a mark up to the cloud. Then you can grab your iPhone and keep reading. Really neat.

In closing: it has great battery life. It can provide a plan B web browser, based on webkit, and play mp3 files if you want. I don’t use it for those functions. You can twitter highlighted sections of a book.

How to buy: You can get one from the affiliate store if you’d like to support the pwnwear site (USA | UK).

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1 comment to Why I love my Kindle

  • Kyle

    The kindle is perfect for beach/poolside reading and I never get glare. I have to wear sunglasses when I read on the beach (or I’ll get a huge headache), and I can even see the screen wearing men’s bifocal sunglasses. I thought the screen might be reduced under the polarization but it’s not! I can read all day.

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