About Gravity

Hi, my name’s Gravity.

I’ve played a DK since WotLK launch and planned for months in advance.

I’m an enthusiastic tank, and a passionate warcraft player having raided AQ40, Mt Hyjal and Ulduar 25. Currently I’m in Icecrown-10 with a casual guild of ex-hardcore players.

I was a mod and administrator at deathknight.info until starting forums here in May 2010.

I’ve had about 10 years experience in both MMO leadership and ‘real life’ people management. I’ve an MBA, and am studying towards an MSc Strategic Planning.

I’ve rerolled a DK tank for my move back to Australia, and my original beloved Euro DK was also called Gravity: Current Armory.

I write mostly about tanking and leadership.

I like to help people understand the game, enjoy good mathcrafting, theory and analysis. This is a backdrop for an interest in tools which assist raid or guild leadership, and of general management.

I find it interesting to look at guilds through the lens of management theory and practice.

My gaming history

I’ve played WoW since launch, ‘raided’ UBRS, then up to AQ40 in a guild I’d started and GM’d. I had a succession plan so when I needed to play less, my GM replacement was my top officer and a raid leader. Then I moved to the UK then eventually Gravity, Death Knight, became my main the day WotLK was released. I raided Ulduar 25 with a casual EU Turalyon guild.

Since launch, I’ve raided as an resto druid (Hammersmith), mage (Nibbly), paladin (Hammerjudge), warlock (Overlock), hunter alt (Stephaniefox) and settled with my DK (Gravity).

Wrote a post with a bit more about me and my tanking views.

Interestingly, I learned a lot about guild management from Achaea MUD, where at my peak I was “Archdragon Shusen”, leader of a monk guild. I still have a soft-spot for that game. It involved leadership in a game where there are few shared objectives, and yet lots of politics, an active economy and competition to get new players.

I also played Eve Online for a while, as Hammer Judge. I’m the author of the popular Hammer’s Eve. I wrote that when I had a break from WoW for a while, to help other former-WoW players learn Eve.

My real life specs

I’m a professional services manager at a global IT vendor, two awesome kids and a perfect wife, except she hates gaming. I’ve been in IT for around 18 years.

Charitable giving:  I am a regular donor to Oxfam, and have been for many years.


Email: gravity@pwnwear.com

Twitter: gravitydk

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