pwnwear forums have facts, opinion and guides on:

  • tanking as a DK
  • death knights in general such as mechanics and runes
  • addons
  • WoW patch and game news
  • raid strategies.

We’re refreshing for Mists of Pandapwnage.

The site is one of the highest-traffic specialist WoW sites, and the #1 DK-dedicated site on the web.


About the forums

The forums are community-driven. We want to have organised and easy-to-find content, to achieve that we have a rule of one topic per thread and encourage posters to keep important threads updated. Everyone has their raid progression in their avatar, to help others understand the perspective they write from.

Our straight-forward site rules encourage knowledge-sharing and intelligent discussion. Registration is really easy and fast, with instant activation after you answer a fun little WoW joke.

We have over 1400 members and 16000 posts, including DK tanks from the top-ranked guilds in the world.

Comments are disabled here, but not in the forums.