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My real name is Ethan, and I’m a chemical engineer with a passion for ergonomic and social engineering. In my free time, when not playing WoW, I’m an avid philosopher, musician, and I’m fascinated with psychology, communication, and anatomy in physiology. You could say I’m fascinated by how things work, and few are more intricate than the human animal.

In-game I’ve been known by many names, though Satorri was the first and is usually what I keep as my online name for forums. I first met WoW on the original beta. While I thought the game was tremendous and fun, and was sure it’d be a smash hit for me, I avoided playing when it first went live as I was finishing school and I knew that once I got into the game it’d be hard to extricate myself. About 6 months later, after graduating, I started playing again to keep in touch with some of my friends from school. After about 6 months of casual on-again-off-again play, another friend started playing and, since my account was active for another couple months, I figured I would make a new character to play with him. That new character was Satorri, my rogue. Suffice to say I didn’t cancel my subscription after all.

A few years and a long journey later, I am now calling Terenas (US) my home. I have 10 characters on the server, one of each class. Osyras, my Death Knight, has been my main since before he was even created. I tested Wrath all through the beta and was smitten with the Death Knight class. I am one of my guild’s main tanks, and we are carving our way through Ulduar currently. My most frequent alt is my Tree Druid, Kalya, and my Pally and Shaman have already finished their climb to 80. My Warrior and Rogue are poised to hit 80, and my Priest is not far behind. Oddly, I’ve never enjoyed my Hunter, Lock, and Mage the same, but they are steadily climbing their way through the 40s. Since WotLK’s inception I’ve taken a very casual attitude towards my WoW time. I try to only play a character when I really feel driven to do so, and my team only raids two nights a week for 25′s (with our very personal 10-man group finding a few hours a week, when schedules allow).

My passion for figuring out how things work has lent itself wonderfully to game mechanics, and I am a furious theorycrafter, with a twist you only get from an engineer. I am very interested in how things work, but I am most interested in that information being practical and accessible, and appreciating that the best model is merely a best guess representation of the real thing. I am fairly frequently a presence on TankSpot and I troll other forums when the mood strikes.

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