Death Knight tank spec 4.1


For DK tanks, it’s pretty simple.

  1. battle rez instead of ghoul conversion. It is instant cast, but costs 50 Runic Power to use, and has a 10-minute cooldown. It shares the same global battle resurrection cap with Rebirth and Soulstone.
  2. interrupts do not miss, so mind freeze for 10-man tanks is more viable than before. Thus, you can anticipate encounter designs to incorporate more interrupting by the tank.
  3. Death Strike self-healing no longer generates threat. Not a big

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DK tank wishes for 4.1

DK tanks are a pretty happy bunch. We do have a tanking system that requires some skill in order to maximise survivability (due to [spell]77513[/spell] for example) and which requires we’re hitting someone to activate (rather than just being hit like a block-tank). But we’re not broken, and it’s a fun, complicated class to tank with.

In 4.1, if we are going to tweak and fine-tune classes there are some DK changes we’d like, and are being discussed over

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Endless Winter, Epidemic and Scent of Blood

dk power

Sconnell is continuing to deliver great analysis. Here’s a helpful post from him in our 4.0.6 spec thread:

Recently I looked at how a third point in Scent of Blood will generate more RP/minute than 1 point in Crimson Scourge. Assuming 18 auto-attacks a minute, and that a boss attacks 2 times between player auto-attacks, a 3rd point in Scent of Blood generates extra 26 RP/minute and a point in Crimson Scourge somewhere in the 20-25 range. The

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DK tank spec 4.0.6

tank spec 4.0.6

Blood DK specs post 4.0.6, from Sconnell in the forums, who has tried to summarise where the spec discussion has ended up.

There are two main spec options for blood, both of which have room for some variation: Lichborne+2 and Desecration+2. Once the key talents are taken, how the remaining points are best spent depends on what the particular DK is needed to be able to do by their group.

Lichborne is generally considered the best way to

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DK tank spec for 4.0.6

tank spec 4.0.6

I’ve started a discussion on the spec choices for 4.0.6. There are a few important changes to our play:

  • such as scarlet fever (ie. damage debuff) coming from blood fever (ie. plague strike or outbreak),
  • the Blood shield bubble stacking (maybe, PTR has been buggy) and
  • to-hit coming baseline rather than from a stupid talent (so therefore you can be more confidently on interrupt duty in 10-mans without a whacky spec)
  • Lichborne self-heal via death coil costing

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DK tank, the last man standing

last man

I enjoyed this discussion that Kaiyoko started, including a comprehensive list to answer his question.

I always thought “hey, I am hero class, can I solo this?”

As much as I love running heroics with my friends, sometimes I gotta brave the random LFD system. Sometimes I get great groups, sometimes I get ok groups, and on a rare day I get horrible groups. Or rather, great group, bad set of circumstances, “I’m the last man standing…uh…should I

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