Ulduar 10 in a pug tonight

I just came out of an Ulduar 10 PUG. When I noticed it on trade chat, LF1M healer, I thought that’d be fun (and no waiting, since [armory]Hammersmyth[/armory] was the last slot required).

Before that I’d just been passing time. In fact, just doing that alone is worth comment. I thought “hmm what should I do tonight, I’ve a few hours free”. I did the random daily of course, then actually sat and stared at the screen for a

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Offtank fights and You: your role as OT

In my last column for pwnwear, I discussed the mindset of the DPS DK stepping into the role of OT. Today, I wanted to follow that up with a simple summary of fights that require offtanks, and what your role will be. I won’t review Naxx, as that content is being pugged on most servers and isn’t really a ‘serious’ raid any more, but Ulduar and T9 content certainly is. I’ve offtanked (25 man) and/or maintanked (10-man) almost all of these fights (except Algalon – we haven’t faced him, and some heroic fights), so let’s take a look and see what we have!

If you get called on to OT in Ulduar/TOC/Ony, what will you be doing? Often fights have several viable strats and I won’t be covering them all. I’ll mention the main adds that need to be OT’d and what to expect. Variations are up to your raid leader. I’ll often skip hard modes as you’ll likely know the fights well if working on those. I also assume some familiarity with these fights from a dps perspective. Warning! This is a fairly long post. :)


resist gear is not needed in Ulduar, so OTs should concentrate on the best mix of survivability and threat stats/gear. Exceptions – maybe – would be frost resist on Hodir or Thorim hard mode.

1. Flame Leviathan: no tanks

2. Razorscale: Three tanks typically. Usually, the MT will pull the Sentinels off to the side for range to kill. OTs gather the other Dark Rune dwarves together for aoe, making sure to stay out of fire. As OT, you’ll need to be ready to taunt Razorscale when she stays on the ground and the other tank gets 2 stacks of Fused Armor. Kite her facing away from the raid and out of flame patches.

3. Ignis: We do the burn method of tanking Ignis in the water and kill him fast, but in any case 1-2 OTs should grab the constructs when they spawn and kite them through scorched areas, then to water when they turn molten (10 stacks). Be careful, they hit hard, which is why some guilds use a hunter to ‘tank’ the constructs. If you’re within 10 yards when the construct is blown up, you may die to the aoe.

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Anub’arak, Koralon and Vezax hard-mode video

Update Sept 7: Paragon have killed Anub’arak in 25-man heroic (ie. ‘hard mode’). Loot and details.

Original post: A greatly respected member of the deathknight.info community, Splug, has published a Tankspot Marmot video on hard-mode Vezax.

I’ve updated my handy Coliseum strategy page.


Lore has done Anub’arak on normal mode is up now.


Koralon video is also available now. Save yourself some wipes.


Expect reports of good progress into the Heroic

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Ulduar cleared in blues, not epics

Wow.¬†Thanks to RJK for highlighting this post on a site I rarely visit, Greedy Goblin. Great for money-making tips, but… raiding?

In short: the goblin’s guild cleared 10-man Ulduar, wearing only¬†blues (no epics), including Yogg.

This is irrefutable proof that skill matters more than gear.

Read about the accomplishment, and his comments on ‘the myth of gear‘.

I don’t really need to say much about this. It speaks for itself.

Good raiders are

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Dominos and Bartender

Action-bar customisation addons

I just switched to Dominos from Bartender. What really surprised me is it only took about five minutes to reconfigure. I had been worried.

It was fast because they seem to use the built-in action bars in a similar way, so the spell-assignments were all transferred. All I had to do was position them where I wanted and disable a few which I don’t use (empty ones). Nearly all the keybindings had

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Storm Tempered Keeper positioning

The two Keepers outside Thorim’s area (ie. arena/gauntlet boss) can be positioned like shown below. This gives you more time to kill the Sphere they pass to each other.

Healers have good line-of-sight to both tanks by standing on the edge of the steps.

The tank on the lower platform needs to stand on the position shown to remain in range and not have them gain the +damage anxiety buff.

We didn’t try this on the platform

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