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My site has posts on DK tank specs, threat improvement, combat log analysis, addons for raid leaders, failbots, loot systems and more. This TankPoints guide is one of my articles. This is the #1 rated DK tank site with active forums.

For 3.3 Icecrown details, see my DK tank spec landing page.

TankPoints is an addon that can help you make decisions about which gem you should use, how pathetic parry is from strength, which enchant is better for you, what damage reduction you get in Frost resist gear and more. The guide helps you use TankPoints for these things.

The guide is a PDF, clearly labelled with screenshots.

Download the guide here.

Download TankPoints itself here.

Revision history: Version 3, Oct 2009 referenced the 3.2 changes to avoidance scaling. Version 2 released June 9, updated Notes, fixed a typo, included qualification on TankPoints score. Version 1 released June 4, 2009.

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